Turn employee ideas into business benefits.


Idea management software for innovation and continuous improvement

Murmuratto™ is an idea management software that allows you to capture and channel employee knowledge to help you achieve your business goals.

We empower employees to routinely solve problems, propose innovations, and share opportunities for continuous improvement.

Tap into the innovative potential of a diverse and inclusive idea funnel.

Create alignment on company goals

Use employee feedback and idea collection efforts to share your organization’s needs and goals. Customize our idea management software to meet your needs!

One software, every step considered

Our workflow software moves ideas through every stage of their lifecycle. We transform continuous improvement and problem-solving opportunities into business-impacting results.

Engage your team

Provide an inclusive channel where every employee can contribute to build a more efficient, profitable, and better-performing workplace.


Business insights and actionable data

Quantify business impact and identify employee participation trends using our idea management software.

Unleash your team's creativity with our idea management software.