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Continuous Improvement software for everyone and everywhere.


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Murmuratto is a workflow automation software for continuous improvement.

Reduce waste, cut costs, increase output, and drive jaw-dropping results.

Transform business operations without additional headcount!

Decentralized Opportunity Management

We channel opportunities to the right business leader(s).

Use our modular software to choose who evaluates, implements and quantifies the impact of business opportunities.

Scale with Automation

One software, every step considered.

We provide you and your leaders with real-time visibility, accountability, and updates of all continuous improvement efforts in your site.

AI powered by your people

Get results weeks after product launch.

We leverage your team’s knowledge from the shop floor to subject matter experts. Seamlessly manage large volumes of input while reducing bottlenecks and bias.


Save millions with a focused approach

Capture insights on your most pressing business needs and targets.

From process simplification to QA optimization and ESG to Regulatory compliance, choose when and how to implement the best business opportunities.

At Murmuratto

Continuous Improvement is everyone's job.

Process Improvement • Quality & Compliance • Sustainability And More +​

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Don't just keep the lights on. Thrive and grow!