Deploying corporate strategy will never be the same.


Corporate management software for innovation, agility and idea management.

Murmuratto™ is an idea management software that allows you to engage and inspire everyone to pursue your company’s strategy.

We empower employees to routinely solve problems, propose innovations, and share opportunities for continuous improvement. Our unique solution for insights and idea management will revolutionize your strategy deployment.

Tap into the innovative potential of a diverse and inclusive opportunity funnel.

Create alignment on company goals

Use employee feedback and insights to drive your organization’s goals and solve its most pressing needs. Customize our management software to meet your needs! 

One software, every step considered

Our workflow software moves insights through every stage of their lifecycle. We transform innovation and problem-solving opportunities into business-impacting results.

Engage your team

Provide an inclusive channel where employees can contribute to build a more efficient, profitable, and better-performing workplace.


Business insights and actionable data

Quantify business impact, identify employee participation trends, and track opportunity implementation progress in the same place! Make sure company leaders are onboard and continuously driving results.

Unleash your team's creativity with our corporate management software.