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Our Story

The brainchild of founders Yolanda and David, Murmuratto was inspired by large flocks of starlings flying together in concert, creating remarkably fluid, flowing patterns — thousands of minds all working toward the same goal, creating something beautiful along the way.

That’s Murmuratto — the heart of the idea-driven organization.

After years assisting corporations and their executive teams with operations improvements and company culture transformation, Yolanda came to recognize a nearly universal pattern — employee insight and observations were not making their way to business leaders with the capacity and knowledge to evaluate and address them!

Those companies that attempted to tap into their company’s collective wisdom were met with too many ideas to record, implement and track. Employees had no way of knowing when and if their ideas were implemented, or who had contributed to idea development. All of these issues led to a complete lack of employee recognition, reward, and consequently engagement.


Murmuratto is bringing Yolanda and David’s vision to life — the transformation of organizations all over the world, wherein teams fly together to create wholly unique ideas that inspire awe. Murmuratto continuous to evolve and adapt as its world-class leadership and team members continue to research and develop solutions to address a plethora of industries and cultures!

Meet our team

Yolanda Lassalle Co-Founder

Yolanda Lasalle


Yolanda has decades of experience in a broad array of industries and companies including that include manufacturing, life sciences and services. As a business leader and academic, Yolanda has worked with over 100 organizations to improve processes and profitability through business operations and organizational culture transformations.

David Pagan Co-Founder

David Pagán


David’s professional experience
spans across a broad range of international markets and market segments. His multi-cultural leadership experience together with his vast design experience allows him to develop software design and comprehensive business strategies that foster diversity and inclusion.
Riti Patel Finance & Operations

Riti Patel


Riti has worked in project management and finance roles in the United States and Latin America and with companies ranging from start-ups to big-box retailers and VC firms. A Fulbright scholar, Riti was an early member of the unicorn startup: Grin in Mexico. Her diversity of thought and structured processes make her a key component to building the right platforms for clients to analyze results and for Murmuration to keep growing.

Angel Vazquez nLead Architect/Developer

Ángel Vázquez

Head Developer/Designer

An experienced software engineer, Angel is an expert in UI/UX design and an experienced programmer. Before joining Murmuratto he worked with multiple start-ups and was a founder himself. His attention to detail and continuous improvement mindset are key to the continued evolution of Murmuratto and the success of ideas in a broad range of organizations.

Improving operations is great, but new methodologies aren’t sustainable without improving company culture.