Have you tried gathering employee ideas before?

Our proprietary framework and complimentary services help you get the results you want.


Most idea initiatives fail because of 3 simple yet complex reasons


Lack of Action

Lack of the Right Tools & Framework

Gaps in Leadership

The Starling Framework tailors Murmuratto to your organization's needs and culture.


Our experts are one-click away!

We developed a complimentary consulting portfolio to support you in your journey with murmuratto™. Our subject matter experts are people-focused and results-driven. We are on a mission to make idea management as easy as possible.


Our Starling Framework™ helps you define all the variables needed for a successful, continuous employee idea and feedback collection system.

Our team, just like our software, pools in multi-industry experience. This makes us more empathetic to your needs but also more skilled at helping you face challenges head on!