Have you tried gathering employee ideas before?

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Most idea initiatives fail because of 3 simple yet complex reasons


Lack of Action

Lack of the Right Tools & Framework

Gaps in Leadership

The Starling Framework tailors Murmuratto to your organization's needs and culture.


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We developed a complimentary consulting portfolio to support you in your journey with murmuratto™. Our subject matter experts are people-focused and results-driven. We are on a mission to make idea management as easy as possible.


Project Implementation

The client was simultaneously excited and puzzled as we reviewed the last three ideas for the week. All the ideas were great, and each had a forecasted financial impact of over six figures. The services manager knew he had to act, but he feared his team leaders were nearing burnout and could not take on additional tasks.

Luckily, we realized this would be an issue during our work with our first clients. Whether an idea requires immediate action or is too big to let go, we have a team of project managers who can step in to define, design, and implement your team’s ideas and insights right away.

With Murmuratto’s services team, you can take immediate steps to improve your business’ performance!

PMP/LSS Coaching

Idea implementation is an excellent opportunity for people development. Murmuratto allows you to assign idea execution to the employee who came up with it, the Project Management Office (PMO), or a subject-matter expert within your organization. We partnered with leading business consulting firm LaSalle Group to provide coaching packages to your employees and leaders. These packaged consulting hours are ideal for employees and leaders with experience or who have recently taken certifications in Project Management (PMP) and Lean Six Sigma (LSS). Why LaSalle Group? The senior leaders at LaSalle Group have helped set up the academic curriculum for multiple higher education institutions. Most importantly, they complement their academic expertise with real-life experience to provide professionals with proactive, insightful, and practical coaching support.

Change Management

Change Management is probably the most overlooked item when implementing new software, processes, and any change. Our Customer Success Managers are experts in organizational culture and change management. Our Starling Framework offering includes adoption management services, but sometimes organizations want to go further in becoming idea centric. Our change management offering is focused on developing a mindset that encourages ideas and results among leaders and employees. It includes defining how things are done today and how they will be done tomorrow. Change management includes multi-level and multi-medium strategic communication to engage employees and highlight the importance of the change being introduced. This is ideal for all organizations—especially those where ideas have been left to small elite leadership teams. Also, the workplace environment does not encourage mid-level and senior-level leaders to ask for feedback and ideas from their teams.

Subject-Matter Expert Consulting

We consider ourselves diversity and inclusion advocates. There is richness in strategically integrating multiple perspectives and disciplines when problem-solving. When clients launch idea and feedback collection campaigns, they often get a wide array of creativity from all areas of their organization. Sometimes the leader or employee tasked with implementing an idea might need additional knowledge and support. For example, one of our clients needed additional support developing an API to link three of their digital solutions. Another client required support understanding Reverse Osmosis processes to solve an operational issue. We have also had clients request help with complex financial analysis to calculate the full impact of an idea on their business. We have subject-matter experts in our team that can help with various topics so you can implement the best ideas and obtain the best results. Continuous improvement, problem-solving, and innovation can lead to industry-wide competitive advantages under your leadership!

Performance Consulting

Our executive team and extended consultant network have offered performance consulting services worldwide. Their talent and experience make them invaluable assets to help leaders create a psychologically safe and result-driven team. With the information obtained from organizational assessments, the starling framework pilot, and your human resources office, we can offer performance consulting to key people in your team. We are fierce advocates of people development. We love the idea of enabling leaders to enable their team members to contribute great ideas and implement them to achieve amazing results.

Organizational Assessment

The Starling Framework helps us align your workforce so that together you can achieve your vision, mission, and goals. What if we could make a targeted approach that enables you to achieve your goals and create a better workplace? Our organizational assessments are holistic as they include an analysis of your people, processes, and systems to identify opportunities for improvement. Our team can help you address evident and non-evident issues that affect your financial and operational performance through the strategic combination of organizational-specific data and Murmuratto’s structured yet flexible solution.

Our Starling Framework™ helps you define all the variables needed for a successful, continuous employee idea and feedback collection system.

Our team, just like our software, pools in multi-industry experience. This makes us more empathetic to your needs but also more skilled at helping you face challenges head on!